We Met During a Pandemic

online dating, I more mean long-distance dating. After this experience, I feel we will be okay and can handle long distance again. Say, if one of us went on a trip or there was another lockdown.

I still would have preferred to get to know him in person, but meeting online went well, we got to know each other.

Do you have any advice for couples in strictly digital relationships?

Look into things that you can do together online. There is a lot out there for you to do with your partner. Movies, online games, quizzes; it was really fun to do something together each week.

I would also say, stay relaxed and don’t stress. Once you relax and simply enjoy your time together, being in an online or long-distance relationship is easy to do.

I give kudos to my friend for being such a pro at long-distance dating. I have found it extremely hard to create normalcy with friends who I am so used to hanging out with in person. I realized through this interview that I had been overthinking online relationships to an immense degree.

Now I will remember, stay calm, carry on, and do what you would normally do, just do it online.

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