Gay People Share Their Straightforward Thoughts About Getting It On With the Opposite Sex

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

American biologist Alfred Kinsey came up with his theory that sexuality is a sliding scale all the way back in 1953. The “Kinsey Scale” range from zero (exclusively homosexual) to six (exclusively heterosexual) and posits that human sexual preference can fall anywhere on that spectrum — or be an “X” for those who identify as asexual.

Over 60 years later, intensive sexual research continues, with some believing there are over 60 genders, though the Kinsey Scale is still considered the basis for interpreting sexual attraction for many. With sexual freedom slowly increasing, we are now aware those who are pansexual, polyamorous, sapiosexual, and much much more. There are even those who are into trying anything once out of curiosity.

Why would a 100% homosexual man or woman try intercourse with someone they are absolutely not attracted to? These Redditors fessed up, telling why they tried the vagine or peen.

There’s nothing like living through other people’s sexual adventures, so keep reading.


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I slept with a girl just to spite a homophobic guy I hated that was attracted to her. it was physically pleasurable but I wasn’t really into it. I do enjoy being petty though and it was a big boost to make him feel upset afterwards. (kryptonitepussy)

Buy a vibrator

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I had sex with a guy once. kept having sex with him a couple more times. he was really f***ing good at it and he didnt want a girlfriend- i was inexperienced and horny and i just wanted casual sex. it was a perfect relationship.

To answer your question, I wasn’t as attracted to him as I would be to a woman. the only reason I liked the sex was because he was really f***ing good at it. just imagine f***ing someone you’re not attracted to, it’s sort of the same for us. (ElegantShitwad)

Just use ‘em


I have a male friend I occasionally have sex with. It’s okay, I don’t put my hands all over him the way I would with a woman because I guess I have some hang ups about men’s bodies. Kind of repulses me tbh.

But he is a boss at oral sex so… (cphoebney)

Social Norms

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I was a pretty late bloomer sexually (super Christian upbringing). I had a long term boyfriend for almost 2 years in my early twenties. I never had an orgasm with him and he refused to give me oral sex but I guess I loved him and it was my first serious relationship. After our break up, I slept with lots of guys in an attempt to feel something. That day never came. I decided to pursue a girl that I was interested in and quickly fell for her. When we had sex for the first time it was like a lightbulb went off. Never slept with a guy again. (baddhinky)

Experimentation is good


This is the other way around but I am a totally straight male who has had a sexual experience with a guy before. I wasn’t sure of my sexuality and wanted to experiment (this is not as uncommon with men as people think). There was a gay dude who was really into me so I gave it a go. We didn’t do the whole shebang, he gave me head which wasn’t bad. It was kind of like when you masturbate out of boredom and it’s just kind of okay. Not bad, but not great. I tried returning the favor and after about 30 seconds I was like sorry this isn’t for me. He was cool about it, he knew I wasn’t sure about the whole thing. (apc67)


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I was at a party, high, fairly bored, 17 and everyone else was doing it. I wasn’t out to any of my friends yet and even thought that it was a lie and I chose to be this way. I was talking with a girl in a similar state and we decided to head to an empty room and do it. I got her clothes off and stuck it in. It felt good, but it was hard to keep it up without thinking about the dick (like watching straight porn almost, except my dick is in something) or focusing entirely on the physical sensation of it. (Its just a hole, just a hole)

I pulled out and my dick was covered in blood. I think I screamed audibly. I threw the condom in the trash, grabbed my underwear and threw it on, cleaning myself up. She was kinda nonchalant the whole time. I think she felt guilty for not telling me.

Haven’t don’t it since. Girls are a trap. Plus I’m not physically attracted to them (miserableparkour)

First Try, Last Try

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Im a gay woman. I had boyfriends through out high school, didn’t have intercourse with any of them until the last one when I was 18 and even then just one time.

At that point i was already pretty certain i was gay and had told him as much. But I figured id try it just to see what the big deal was. It hurt even though he did all the right warm up activities. It was awkward as all hell too, because I was quiet and didn’t want to feel his weight on top of me at all so I kept pushing him up off me. When he came into the condom I immediately told him to get out of me and take the condom off where i couldnt see it because semen grossed me out. We broke up like next day because, as he said, he could tell my “vagina didn’t want it.” At that point I was 100% certain of my gayness so it was definitely a mutual decision.

Honestly I don’t really love receiving penetration even when my smoking hot girlfriend wears the strap on. Turns out I get most of my sexual enjoyment pleasing women and being the “active” partner, but my partner has to be a women for me to be into it at all. (PM_ME_RAREST_PEPES)

Close your eyes and think of England

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Obligatory “Not me, but…”

My wife’s parents are lesbians. When they decided they wanted kids they each picked a male friend to act as a sperm donor of sorts, and had sex with them rather than dealing with doctors and artificial insemination.

Her more masculine mother described her experience with heterosexual sex as follows:

“The most disgusting thing I’ve ever been through in my life, I just slammed my eyes shut, gritted my teeth and focused on the baby I wanted until it was over.” (CmosNeverlast)

For the Kids

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This is an interesting question. Most responses so far have been from the “was still figuring my sexuality out” perspective…So I’ll give out the “I was 100% gay and knew it but did it anyway” story.

To preface, it took me awhile to accept who I was, like I knew I was gay…But I always wanted kids so I continued to hold out thinking “maybe there’s a girl out there who will convince me I’m wrong about who I am”. Spoiler alert, there isn’t. But that didn’t stop me from trying.

So about 10 years ago I had set myself on the mindset of having kids. I wanted them badly and thought (I could fake being straight for kids, right? Lots of guys have kids then come out”. I get on OK Cupid and start the ol’ internet dating process. It didn’t take long to get set up on a date with a nice lady who was just finishing up her master’s in business. The first thing I found out about myself is that I have a lot in common with women…Just in all the gay ways you can imagine, and trying to feign disinterest in something I’m excited about wasn’t something I was good it appears. For example, she talked about the “new reality TV show about drag queens she was interested in watching…I quickly chortled out “omg RuPauls Drag Race!” And had this awkward moment which I brushed off as “my brother is super into that scene and I support him”….

Anyway fast forward a few weeks and a few more dates, and the sex night arrives. I had so many thoughts about how to act, what not to do, and so forth, that I actually had a hard time even getting in the mood. In many ways this experience taught me more about myself than I cared to think about.

After about 20 minutes of an eyes closed blowjov, I was ready for the vagina. This isn’t my first rodeo with a girl, but definitely the first where I continually was aware of my sexuality going into it. I get in the vagina, and, well, get a little into the sex. I think “hey this isn’t so bad” but after 30 minutes of non stop action, I began to question if I had the ability to cum. Eventually she starts going crazy with body convulsions, orgasming I think. I’m asking her if I hurt her, or if she needs medical help…Super oblivious to what’s going on (never have I seen a girl get there before that night). I however, still didn’t cum. And after her satisfaction, I gave up. I faked a big satisfying moans and rolled off her.

It was in this moment where I realized I didn’t want kids anymore. The idea of pretending to do this on a weekly or more basis was horrifying. Not cause it didn’t feel good…But because I’d still be masterbation alone all the time just to get off…Plus the sexual frustration would lead to me cheating on her within a year, at least (obviously with a guy).

That and dudes age way better. (Trout_Man)

Three Years?!

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Had a relationship 3 years with a woman when I was in the closet in my late teens/early 20s. I wasn’t/am not a big fan of vaginas so took a long time to actually do the deed, but she was patient as she was really into me (sounds horribly arrogant I know, but just the truth and noted by a number of other people too) and willing to wait. Also she was unaware of my real sexuality. When we did finally do it, I found out that sticking your erect penis into a willing vagina actually feels really good, so good in fact you’d think they were made for each other. I was a student at the time and living away from home (she lived in my home town), so only saw her during the holidays, but we shagged every night we were together. Not ideal that I fantasised about men a lot of the times we did it though. Biggest downside was going down on her, which I found really, REALLY difficult to do. Anyway, glad I’ve experienced heterosexual sex, enjoyed it mostly, just really not me at the end of the day. Still in touch with her now, she’s been married 15-ish years, email/meet up occasionally, she’s known I’m gay for ages now. (GateOfTheKing)

Half Mast, but Still Giving

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I was pretty sure I was gay at this point but I chose to have sex with a girl anyway. I’m the type of person that says to try everything once so I said….I guess I’ll try straight sex and give it a shot.

Went to a party, flirted with a girl and then took her back to my place and slept with her.

It was very boring and I wanted it to be over within the first 10 minutes. The head was great though. I felt bad that I couldn’t do full penetration because I was at half mast so I made her orgasm twice to make up for it. (Keeppforgetting)

Wait… What?

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I don’t know if sexual orientation is that cut and dried. I’m bi. I enjoy sex with both men and women…but I’ve exclusively dated women. Sexually, I’m totally different when it comes to the 2.

With women, I prefer to be dominant. With men, I prefer to be submissive (bottom).

But when it comes to what I find attractive? Women’s bodies turn me on (99% of the porn I watch is straight), but sex with men turns me on (not their naked bodies). I don’t know if it makes sense. It’s like 20% of the time, I want to get railed by a guy with a big hard cock…and 80% I want to f*** the hell out of a woman.

For example, I’ll get hard sucking on a cock…and I’ll take him to completion, but I prefer oral as foreplay as I like to get f***ed. I cum hard when I’m f***ed…totally different than when I cum with a woman (not better or worse).

Could I have had a relationship with a man? I don’t know. I’ve never been that attracted to a man. (NoWayThrowMeAway)

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