Sex Dating Sites Holland and Germany Review

Best sex Meeting Sites List Holland and Deutschland

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1. PassieDate (Encounters of Passion)
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2. Secret Flirt
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3. Second Love
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4. Ondeugend Daten (Naughty Dating)
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5. C-Date
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6. victoria milan Holland
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7. RichMeetBeautiful
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8. parship Gay Dating
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sex Dating Germany

victoria milan Germany (Deutschland)
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50Liebe Deutschland (50 something love)
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Especially if you are alone or in a boring relationship looking for sex there is a wide range of websites that specifically focus on this.

The dating sites for hook-ups and casual dating with “no strings attached” offer you the opportunity to get to know like-minded people without expectations and obligations: people who want sex and no nagging.

On the sex dating sites you can find like-minded people who are just like you looking for someone who does not want to wait a long time to share the bed.

Meeting for sex is the goal of everyone who has registered on these websites.




How we select the best sex dating websites

When selecting the top dating sites for sex appointments, we assume all important factors that play a role in the reliability, honesty and authenticity of a dating site.

For each review we write, we check whether the security of the website is in order, whether the frequently asked questions section is available, contact options and we also conduct research into the company behind the dating site.

Dating sites that specifically mention that fictitious hearing is not used at home on this website.

If this is mentioned on the dating site, we do not recommend this dating service to our visitors. If you come across one on our website please let us know via the contact form.

How you become a member

Most of these websites offer a free membership, use it.

With this free membership you can check how things stand with the relationship between men and women.

Think of it as a test drive before you buy a car; of course you want to test yourself first. What you can not do with a free membership is sending messages.

In fact, it is a heavily restricted version of a paid membership. You can often view the profiles of other members but not respond.

As soon as you take a paid membership you can, you will get more useful functions and the user experience will increase.

The registration process

The process of registering with a dating site for adults is no different from a “normal” dating site.

You log in with your email address and details, after which you can set up a user profile.

This profile is your business card on which you exhibit yourself for the other members. What you can enter exactly on your profile differs per dating site but usually it is in any case the personal characteristics such as your age, height, place of residence and what you are looking for.

A profile photo is not mandatory on a sex dating site but is recommended.

View your profile from the eyes of your visitor; Who wants to meet with someone you do not know what he or she looks like?

It is not 1990 anymore, everyone wants to see each other first before a sex date is planned.

With a profile photo you are more likely to make a sex appointment, much more chance. If you do not want to be recognizable on the dating site, choose a photo without your face.

The search function

As others view your profile on a sex dating site, you can also view the profiles of others.

You do this with the search function.

For example, on some websites you can only search for online members, so that the contact can be made even faster.

With the help of the extensive search function you can filter on certain properties such as the province, age and much more.

If you have specific preferences then you can use this extended version best.

For example, you can search for a woman with an age of 30 to 40 who lives in the province of Overijssel.

This is just a simple example. Most dating sites offer you more opportunities to search for people.

The inbox

The real magic of a sex dating site takes place in your inbox.

This is where the messages from other members end up when they want to make contact with you.

Conversely, your messages end up in the other’s inbox.

The inbox is the place where you have the first contact but also the conversations to finally meet.

Usually the first thing is chatting on the dating site after which the contact goes to Whatsapp.

Some women want to check the name for safety first through social media.

If a woman wants this then apps like Facebook, Instagram and other social media can provide the verification that it is a real person.

Whatsapp is the last stage for the actual sex appointment.

For who is it?

As you might have expected, the sex dating websites are not meant for people who are looking for a serious relationship.

There are plenty of other options for that.

Only if you want a sex date, an exciting conversation or a freeze can you visit these websites.

It does not matter how old you are or where you live; the members come from everywhere in the Netherlands.

In view of the secret character in which anonymity plays a major role, you also regularly encounter cheaters who want something different. An affair is not always the solution for them, but a quick sex date.

The websites are for everyone who is open for an exciting evening.

It does not matter whether you are married or single. Even swingers and couples who are looking for someone to join in with it.

While one wants to do everything in secret behind the partner’s back, another has a specific fetish that one wants to indulge in someone.

A person can be found for all tastes and needs. In an ideal situation, as many women as men become members so that the number of matches for everyone can potentially be the same.

In reality this is unfortunately not the case and there are more men present on this type of website.

Although most sex dating websites indicate that more women than men are present, it is usually the other way around.

Men are settled in the majority on the websites for sex dating.

For example, on most websites it is more often a 2: 1 ratio between men and women than a level playing field.

Now a small surplus of men is not bad, if you do your best it is still possible to be satisfied with the results you achieve.


Nobody is too old for these dating sites but too young can.

These dating sites are only accessible to adults.

If you are younger than 18, you have to wait.

Because of the conversations that take place and the goals of many members, it is not suitable for minors.

Exact figures are not known by the “secret” nature of these websites, but the largest group of users has an age of 25 to 35 years, followed shortly by the group with 35 to 45 years of age.

Why sex dating?

Apps like Tinder and Happn can give you a lot of fun but a sex date is often not there, unless you look above average good.

What often happens is that you first have long conversations about who you are, what you do and what your interests are.

If you finally dragged a date out then the chance of sex is not great. The first date often happens in a public place.

If you have tried it before you know that it is not easy to arrange a regular sex date via the standard dating apps.

It goes without saying why most users want sex dating; it is quickly arranged and pretty exciting.

One is mainly for the excitement, experience and overall experience while the other is purely about sex.

Whatever the reason is: sex dating is popular and will always remain popular.

The reasons

There are countless reasons why people join these dating sites.

Of course, the reasons differ per person and per situation.

These are the reasons why and when people join this type of website:

  • You are divorced and do not want a real relationship yet
  • You do not have a sexual experience yet
  • You are looking for someone for sex outside of your marriage
  • You’re just going out for someone to decorate
  • You live in a village without potential candidates
  • You want to gain more experience in the field of sex
  • You are curious how a sex appointment goes
  • You like swinging
  • You search for someone together with your partner
  • You are traveling

Whatever the reason, you can go there for all the sexual adventures you want to experience.

Moreover, you can do it once, incidentally but also more often; you determine your limits yourself.

You are not bound to opening hours. The dating sites are available 24/7 so that you can fulfill your needs at any time of the day.


Probably the most frequently mentioned reason for arranging a sex date online is convenience.

You do not have to pay expensive drinks every weekend for women who just stick to your line.

From the comfort of your own home you can effortlessly use the sex dating sites to share the bed with your date the same evening.

Maybe it is often not possible to do this the same day but the possibility is there.

The fact is that you are connected with other adults who share and understand your needs at the touch of a button.

Walking blue, making difficult contact and finding no one for a sex date is a thing of the past due to the current supply of sex dating sites.

Free dating for sex

As you probably know, online dating does not have to cost money.

If you are looking for a sex date then you can try it for free on many of the sex dating sites but the possibilities are limited.

However, it is the perfect way to get acquainted with the options, functionalities, members and whether there is anything between you.

The free membership gives you the opportunity to look around freely and without obligation.

As a free member you can unfortunately not do much.

Sometimes you can not even see the photos.

Registration is always free, but what you can do without payment will vary.

However, assume you have to pay if you want to send messages. A sex date without sending messages is virtually impossible.

After all, how can you make contact?


Mobile chat

No matter how easy and convenient your laptop or computer is, it does not carry you with you all day long.

How do you keep up to date with your messages?

 Fortunately, you do not have to worry about that.

Almost all dating sites for sex contacts are compatible with modern smartphone browsers or are also available as an app for iPhone devices and Android smartphones.

For the smartphone addicted generation this is a godsend but if your smartphone is not confined to you then you can still use it as a bridge of the time without your laptop or computer.

The mobile-friendly version of the dating site is more than enough if you only want to stay informed of your messages and matches.

As an extra option, the majority of the hook-up sites offer the option to enable e-mails as soon as you receive a message.

What to pay attention to?

If you do a simple search in Google, you will soon discover that there are hundreds of sex-dating sites in the Netherlands.

A large part of it is managed by a handful of companies and unfortunately they have built up a bad name. In 2016, the NOS carried out research into the practices of many of these dating sites and the results were shocking.

The journalist received no less than 500 messages within a week, while he did not use a profile photo or profile text.

In fact, it means that there are many fictitious profiles that are used by the managers of the dating site to allow users to pay for credits.

Sometimes this can even be found on the homepage of the dating site in the small print. If you want to use a sex dating site, it is wise to first read the conditions.

Is fictitious profiles used or not? Before you know it, you are sending hundreds of paid messages to an employee of the dating site (who never wants physical contact).

According to the Fraud Help Desk , it is wise that you do not register on these dating sites unless you find it exciting to do so.

Accept that they are not real profiles and do not expect too much of it.

Only then can you enjoy contact on these websites with fictitious profiles.

The Authority for Consumers and Markets also states that it is essential that you are critical when you register with a dating site.

You can submit a dating site to the ACM if it uses fake profiles.

Would a Dutch girl have sex on the first date?

Watch the video to find out.