Tinder’s Spring Break Mode lets college student swipe ahead of vacation

Tinder users heading to a warm locale for spring break will be able to start swiping on potential matches ahead of time, in Tinder’s first foray into event-based matchmaking. Tinder’s Spring Break Mode is a new feature for college-student users launching this week, which will let Tinder U users check off where they’re going for spring break, then swipe on other college students who are traveling to the same destination.

The feature is only supported for select locations, including Cabo, Mexico; Lake Havasu, Arizona; Las Vegas; Miami; New Orleans; Puerto Rico; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; San Diego, California; a “staycation;” and others. The app will prioritize students who attend the same school and have the same vacation plans, but users will eventually see students from all over the country who plan to travel to the same place.

It’s reminiscent of Tinder’s Passport feature, which lets users swipe on people in other locations, typically ahead of a trip. Spring Break Mode is interesting because Tinder hasn’t explicitly offered matches based around an event. At the same time, the company has said it’s focusing on its youngest users, and particularly college students, so it’s not surprising that it’d test this type of feature through Tinder U.


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